Back from the Christmas break

We’ll be back to our regular rehearsal schedule starting Monday, January 5th. See you then!

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No more sectionals

We’ve finished sectionals for the term, tomorrow’s rehearsal will be tutti. We’ll need everyone from 7:30-10pm!

Reminder: dress rehearsal is Sunday, November 23, for our concert on Saturday, November 29th.

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Next Rehearsal: October 20th

This is just a reminder about our next rehearsal on Monday, October 20th. We’ll be having sectionals again, this time with viola/cello/bass from 7:30-8:45pm and violins from 8:45-10pm.

Believe it or not, we only have 7 more rehearsals before the concert!

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Sectionals begin this week

Just a reminder to everyone that we’ll begin sectionals this week. First and second violins will rehearse from 7:30-8:45pm, everyone else from 8:45-10pm. Next week it will be reversed. This week, we’ll be focusing primarily on the Dvorak.

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Google Calendar Updated

I’ve updated our Google Calendar with this year’s schedule, as it stands right now.

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Kevin Fox – Phone Booth

Kevin Fox played with us at our first pops concert in March 2006. This was the song we finished with, if I remember correctly.

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Remenyi String Fall Sale

Thought this might be of interest to people.

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Open Rehearsal

We’re starting a bit late this year — our first rehearsal is Monday, September 22nd. This will be an open rehearsal, so new members are welcome to come (bring your instruments!). We’ll likely be getting started with some of the material for the fall concert right away.

Oh, and it’s our first rehearsal with our new conductor — Oliver Balaburski!

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